The Secret!

Caterpillars did not have any secret ingredient to turn into butterflies. Then why do we need one?

The Secret.jpg

So they were looking for a ‘Secret Ingredient’ in my answers

While I never had any secret for success, forget answers.

The secret to patience, to happiness, to such a great life

The secret to stability maybe in all spheres of life.

But honestly, stability does not come from patience or uniformity

Stability for me came from chaos, impatience and deformity.

Happiness was never a result of great lives

Had it been so it wouldn’t be valued in our lives.

It resulted from sorrow and pain

Achievements don’t come just like that, we form them again and again.

Poetry too wasn’t as easy as a scribble on the paper

It started with two hard rock words until they came into the form of vapour.

So that was it, the secret ingredient was right there

It was you, me and us. It was within. Not here or there.

To love what you do and do what you love, was the basic

Then things flowed on path, no ingredient or formulaic.

Find the secret within, not in the books or the tv recipe shows

Then for a betterment transformation, nothing can oppose.


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