Sometimes things aren’t as easy as they seem.


After a lot of effort I made up my mind
I said, “I’ll do it!” very well aligned.
I had the confidence, I had the strength
The execution plan too was well set at length.
The mountain looked like a fair game
To reach the top was my only aim.
The climb wasn’t tough or nerve wracking
The mindset too was stable that soon turned cracking.
The mountain turned steep, bare feet bruised
The strength had died by the 1/10th journey, the courage though still seemed unused.
Yes I was brave, even with bleeding feet
The pain numbed in another climb with time fleet.
Climbed half my mountain and it felt amazing
Though half was steeper now fear was chasing.
My spine had a chill, I was forcing myself
But that was a fight I had to win against my inner self.
I don’t know if it was a dream or I did it right
I don’t remember how I fought my fight.
I remember when my eyes closed, a faint look right before two steps of success
With closed eyes I crawled to possess my access.
Today it’s an easy story to read
Back then it was a great deed.
A tiny rock was a huge mountain
But it marked in a barren life a beautiful fountain.


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