Why didn’t I listen?


She darted fierce words at the face of my heart

And I agonised in pain, for they pierced my heart.

My mind said, “Shush! Be silent, don’t cry.”

But I wanted to show it hurt, she was mud in my eye.

He stood behind me in the bus, hitting me on every break

It alarmed my senses, it was a nerve break.

My mind said, “Shush! Don’t react, play smart.”

But I couldn’t control my breakdown, it wasn’t any easy art.

They held me wrong, for mistakes that weren’t caused by me

They disparaged my character, they angered me for nothing by me.

My mind said, “Shush! Be calm, they’ll lose.”

But I couldn’t curb my feeling and I replied to their abuse.

They laughed at my weaknesses, they said I was a failure

I became anxious and I proved being a failure.

My mind said “Shush! Try again, it’s not that hard.”

But I couldn’t try again either, I kept my courage barred.

My mind always asked me to be quiet in tough times

But it never listened to a soft voice in those times.

My mind said “Shush! Everything will be fine.”

But I never heard the one who was mine.

Today I know the mistakes I’ve made

Tomorrow I won’t repeat the mistakes I’ve made.

My mind said, “Shush! Be who you are.”

And now, I will listen to it whether I’m near or far.


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