Is it the gap or is it us?


It’s definitely me and I would agree

Because I don’t listen to him and he doesn’t listen to me.

At his end, of course it was a better world

But that way he can’t stop me from enjoying my world.

He’s right, that he grew strong by just working hard

But I’m not wrong if things have developed now and we don’t need to work that hard.

He’s right that they left home without any type of connections

But, I’m not wrong if I’m scared of this cruel world and it’s complexions.

Yes, it might take him some time to understand me

It might take me a lot more to taste his kind of tea.

But does that mean we let the small gap develop into a great wall of distance

From a few words of our conversations to complete silence?

No. That’s not what I want

Even of thought of losing him is a humongous haunt.

I want him to tell me his stories and not compare

I want to touch and feel his world, I want to share.

I want him to live my world and play my games

I want him to be with me and call me names.

I want him to teach me his values and tell me his experiences

So I don’t repeat the same mistakes and fall into incidences.

I don’t want things to show but I want stories to tell

So that when he isn’t here, even then I excel.

I want to grow up with him, until he’s here

A generation gap is not at all my fear.


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