I always believed that each and everything had a system. From the functioning of our brain to the pumping of our heart. Not just our body but everything that surrounds us right from the start.


My habits were changing

Some things were rearranging.

‘Lack of appetite, laziness, negative feelings’

Was becoming the daily routine of human beings.

But what was the reason, the system behind this?

Where was the catch, where was the miss?

So I tried to go deep inside to find the solutions

To all these mind hurting questions.

And guess what I found, it came from our heart

It was really this simple right from the start.

When my heart was open, I was open to accept even the toughest of situations

But as I shut my heart celebrations turned to complications.

When my heart was happy it pumped the happiness all around and made me smile

But when my heart was struck with sorrow, it put me into gloom all the while.

These weren’t reasons, it was a well defined system

It wasn’t signifying any attacker or victim.

It was just about the way it was supposed to function

About why the heart was a main junction.

It’s important to understand the system functionality sometimes

It’s not just our or the machine’s mistake most of the times.


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