So I felt like I had missed the most important flight of my life.


So it’s not like dedication was vanishing
Not even that I forgot or I was missing.
How could I forget the most important part of my life?
How could I not be dedicated about my life?
It was just that, I got late
Late to reach the gate.
But it felt like I lost the race
It made my face pale, it lost all grace.
But this wasn’t a mistake
Sometimes things are out of our hands at stake.
So what did I do? Cry about spilled milk
Or enjoy another chocolate instead without even worrying about the milk.
So I enjoyed my chocolate
So what if, I was late?
I completed the race
And I smiled because they still applauded for me, for my grace.
I still did my work
Of course. I wouldn’t hide or lurk.
Life challenges us but there’s nothing to cry about really
We just need another point to look from actually.


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