So she was young again! The 96 year old cute little baby of my life.


I came in her life she did not come into mine
Yet she looked after me from morning to nine.
She treasured and nurtured my mother
And now she was happy to be my grandmother.
She fed me milk, dressed me in hand knit frocks
She bought me innumerable toys and kept them safe in a box.
She bathed me, she cleaned me
She made me walk and run, she made me, Me!
She taught me values, she sang for me to dance
She read me bedtime stories, taught me new words in every chance.
She taught me to cycle, she taught me to skate
She taught me to write, on her pretty little slate.
And then I grew up and she grew old
I left her behind to run and she needed a hand to hold.
Her hands couldn’t drink even a sip of water
While I was busy enjoying the rains, the patter.
She couldn’t speak and no one taught her new words
She couldn’t write to anybody and I was busy in my worlds.
No one fed her like the way she fed us
We were busy in our lives now, we wouldn’t miss our bus.
She couldn’t bathe, no one wanted to clean her gowns
To wash her clothes we always had frowns.
She cried but we didn’t see
But when I cried she took me in her arms immediately.
She healed my wounds and couldn’t see my pain
And I injured her heart too, I gave her all the pain.
She brought me up when I was little
And I left her for nothing when she was as fragile and brittle.


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