The Festival Of Colours!

So in India we celebrate this festival called Holi to mark the victory of good over evil. This isn’t just a festival of colours. But it’s a festival of all the good, the reunion, the love, the friendships and bonds. This poem is a small verse of something I wrote on the same occasion in 2014.


Red, green, yellow and blue

The colours in the air remind me of you.

That splash of a bucket full

We looked so shabby yet artful.

That hard hitting water balloon on my back still gives me the pain

I can so imagine it will happen again.

Those hairbands, scarves and caps we used to cover

Are still lying coloured in my shelves cover.

I still remember your white pants

That turned from yellow to orange to red to amaranths.

Oh my God! The festival is back

I can already feel a wet back.

Now that I see these colours around me

I can’t forget the time we spent together, you and me.

Hope these colours shower on you like they always did

And they make you outshine, like you did as a kid.

Let these colours make your life’s ways more jolly

I wish you a very happy Holi!


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