After a long day of shifting from a clean room to a room full of clutter and then to a clean room again, I learned a very valuable lesson.


So it was a mess, completely
And we could see it acutely.
A mess that had to be cleared in time span
This was literally a reality scan.
But haven’t we done this ample amount of times
In fact it’s worse sometimes.
Change of homes, rooms, the well set cupboard
And we never feel absurd.
In fact there’s some excitement
New home, new room, it’s full of enlightenment.
Then what happens with the mess in lives
Why does it clutter like beehives?
Those thoughts that upset
Why are they always in the mind so well set?
Is it because we are offering them the honey to multiply?
Or is it because we show them the flowers, the nectar to later imply?
And then of course one needs fire to shoo those messy thoughts
Or they stay there on life pages like ugly ink blots.
So what’s better? Clean the clutter when it starts getting cluttered
Or offer what they need and keep them buttered?


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