Taken Or Given?

Did I win or did I lose?


For there aren’t many days when I see you 

The times when you glance at me are few.

The times when you hold my hand

The times that don’t fly as swift as sand.

The times when you arrest my eyes

The times with a little surprise.

I don’t know what games you play

I don’t know how you trick me and slay.

You slay a piece of my of my heart and take it with you 

I wouldn’t have given it to you.

But you mesmerise me and take it away 

You lurk, hide, miss yet take it away.

I don’t know what you win and what I lose

I don’t think I’m getting to choose.

Because losing my heart does give me some pain

But gaining you in return, I win again.

Though I hope it’s happiness for you to own my heart

Because your game plans don’t impress me from the start.


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