Her Eyes Were Smiling!

Today I found the real meaning of happiness.


I was always dependent on that one “if”

Sometimes on the sea, sometimes on the cliff.

I was dependent on mom and dad

I was dependent on little things to be glad.

I was dependent on the rain, on the sun

I was dependent on long hair, sometimes on the bun.

Sometimes on them whom I didn’t even know

And the times I wasn’t dependent trust me I was just low.

Today I saw my reflection smiling 

But that smile came from my eyes no denying.

She was different, that wasn’t me

She was beautiful, someone to look up to, someone to be.

She was independent, she was happy

She wasn’t dependent on anything to remain happy.

Not just her eyes, her heart had a lift 

This day, this moment, for me was a gift.

She taught me in a glimpse that happiness came from within 

And remaining happy was never a sin.

Life is easy and it’s admiring me 

Then why do I show tears when a glorious smile she can see.


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