Home Sweet Home!

Today I know why they call home a little piece of heaven.


After six days of travel
I had so much to unravel.
I needed my comfy bed to sleep
I wanted just my pillow to weep.
I needed my mirror to look at myself and smile
I wanted to walk in my garden with wet grass for a while.
I needed that fragrance of my room
I wanted to comfort myself whether I was happy or in a mood of gloom.
Yes absence makes us realise how important presence is
But I didn’t miss home. Yet, when I was here I felt like bliss.
This home didn’t become heaven just because it was absent for six days
It became home in a few more ways.
I found the peace when mom opened the door
I found the fragrance when I saw my sister lying with her books on the floor.
House becomes a heaven with love
It does not become peaceful with just a roof above.
A peaceful roof is moms arms
It isn’t the mural or wallpaper that charms.


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