So I just felt my life wasn’t moving. Like a stagnant lake. It’s huge and calm but yet, it’s slow right?


The value of life has reduced
Are we living for work or working to live is quite an old statement used.
I mean to say, I still don’t have an answer
Where is my life’s advancer?
Is it in the five years from now
Then why have the previous five years been silent somehow?
Is it like right here, tomorrow?
Anyway, why do I need time to borrow?
Why is life this slow even when I’m fast?
Why is it waiting for what’s coming last?
I want to set a goal so high
That I can’t achieve it until I become the person who can and yet fly.
That hunger in me to do something new, I know won’t die
But what if in the waiting my life passes by?
So the waiting is over, but the time still remains
I know it’s time to enjoy the rains.
I know it’s time to fly high
And shake the silent lake so that it touches the sky.


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