Friday Night!

So that’s it, that’s all we wait for right?


Another thing we wait for

Another reason when we just stop for the more.

The more that we wish to do in life

The walk at the beach or roses for wife.

Another cheesecake or a new recipe to bake

Another coffee in her arms or another kiss for her sake.

Another cozy bed or another new journey

No running behind the same job or the same money.

Why do we wait?

Do we love waiting? Or hate?

Isn’t life a smaller thing to forget the adventures

Or are we living even worse a life than those little creatures.

I’ve decided. No more waiting.

Let’s get to creating.

New moments right now.

Come on and leave that comfort zone somehow.


6 thoughts on “Friday Night!

  1. Waiting not a good thing ;(

    I don’t like it.

    I am living in today.
    And I don’t wait for Friday night
    I wait for Monday, it has something for me always !


  2. I try not to wait, but sometimes things are in someone else control, then I got nothing but wait ! I don’t like but I have to.

    But mostly I avoid waiting. Friday Nah. Sunday may b yes. Monday Wow


  3. Yes. Cool.

    Because of lot of pretexts, assumptions, dilemmas.
    I believe it is the mindset and attitude, that stops one from doing what they wish to !


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