Maybe You?

He asked me the meaning of love.


Love has never been a complicated story

It’s been simple yet glory.

Maybe there isn’t a lot of successful history

But I don’t guess it’s any form of mystery.

The way he looks into my eyes

The way he looks lost yet wise.

The way he touches is not just a feeling

Or even the way he does all the stealing.

Already taken my heart away

Yet he isn’t satisfied he wants my thoughts, my breath, me he wants anyway.

The way he kisses my forehead

The way he picks me up and carries me to bed.

It’s not just us but the air when love flows

Not even about lights but heart just glows.

It’s not about how you or I see

It’s just about the sanity when mad we be.

Love for you might be her hair

Maybe something with a little more flair.

It depends whether you fly or walk, sink or swim

For him it was me and for me it was him.


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