Because all those who say “Girls Are Strong!” are still girls themselves.


She might not be clothed in muscles

But she is not so weak that you touch her body in hustles.

She might not have the eight pack abs like you do

But that’s because you want to see a flat belly, she does it for you.

You think she can’t get rid of your arms because you’re stronger?

You’re wrong, she can. She just wishes to be held in safe arms longer.

You want her body to be perfectly carved and curved

Yet when she wears clothes that suit her, why is a thrashing served?

You say you notice girls and see if they’re pure

And the eyes that are checking her out, are they really so pure?

Not just her body, even her soul is blamed today

Where are the ones, who call themselves men anyway?

News isn’t just showing another eve teaser or rapist

It’s showing that you’re being a quiet man, another frailest.

She might not need your help or support at all

But be with her, for her. She made a new life for you if you can recall.

If you really want to know her strength, just remember your mom.

Who took pains of hell on her to give birth to you and bandaid your little palm.


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