Have you seen heaven? I have!

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Who knows what heaven looks like?

What if it’s just a replica of the earth? Alike?

Who knows whether there’s really something like, ‘after-death’?

I don’t really believe in anything else coming for me after breath.

So, I thought of finding my heaven on earth

I thought of creating a little space of more worth.

I imagined of all the things that the world told me about heaven

They said it was greenery, it had snow. Some said it was like morning twenty-four seven.

I went around in search, in search for a place so beautiful

I travelled the world but could find nothing so suitable.

On the last day of my search, I lied in my dad’s arms

And guess what I dreamt of, paradise was his arms.

Most of the times, heaven is right here

We just need to find it here.

Maybe it’s home for you, maybe it’s your wife

Maybe it’s the attic for someone, maybe heaven for someone is life.

A beautiful place need not be a piece of beauty

Heaven too would become beautiful only if you really found it pretty.


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