What is the essence of your life? What is your hobby? What do you love the most in your life?


A survey for teachers of different schools

That made us wonder about our life rules.

We created a survey for some of our world’s best teachers

Thinking they were forgetting their lives in making ours better as preachers.

We forced them to answer these surveys very quickly

So that they didn’t get time for thought manipulations instantly.

We interrupted their classes, caught them when they were in a hurry

We interrupted their tea break, we also created situations and made them worry.

But, trust me it was worth it to know what they felt

This was the best experience of troubling my teachers, my heart felt.

The best ever answer I read in one of the surveys

Was “My hobby is to live.” and it created so many of our ways.

A teacher who’s routine was much more difficult than ours

Lived life in minutes like they were hours.

The spirit of “We can do whatever we love.”

Was found in most of the questionnaires, that we possessed of.

The tough lives that these teachers were living

Were mesmerising yet spine chilling.

They made us question us back of what we were doing in our lives

That were actually without any tough strives.

I met my teachers to solve my problems always

Never realising that they weren’t even problems for the teacher who made my ways.

I cried to my teachers about having no time

Today, I know I cried before someone who had a few minutes and a mountain to climb.

Somewhere deep I have the best lesson learned

Even if there’s not a single penny that I’ve earned.

That the essence of life is life itself.

It’s not so difficult, try loving life yourself.


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