Make Him Smile!

So this was a reward for us and not just me.


A month prior I planned a lot

A lot of regular writing but the ink would just blot.

A lot of planning to wake up early

Nothing ever happened in fact more sleep resulted to my hair turning curly.

So I made different people responsible

To make my daily tasks possible.

They had the duty of enjoying my success

And every time I failed they had no access.

So a friend of mine would get a treat if I followed my diet

My sister would get a new book every month if I read without being loud. Basically, be quiet.

Mom would get a head massage if I woke up early daily without fail

Brother would get a day off from answering his email.

And dad would get a poetry card for himself

If I wrote daily without reminders myself.

So we all were growing together

My hat got added with a new feather.

Their happiness would be my motivation

It wasn’t really that tough and thus there wasn’t any cancellation.

Sometimes habits aren’t just good for me

Try giving your habit another reason too for someone else to be happy!


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