With changing fashion trends, how we cling onto something more trendy!


From something used as a shelter to a fashion statement

How accessories change and become a part of us fragment by fragment.

A cloth stitched around in 8000 BC to be worn in high temperature caves

Has changed to something for which our style statement craves.

A cloth of maybe cotton has changed to canvas, leather, wood and what not today

With growing opportunities for designers I see a quite long way.

With a world already named in Reebok, Adidas, Puma or Nike

We look at the feet that we stand on quite unlikely.

I change four shoes since morning to night

I’m wearing a pair of stilettos tonight.

The world might mark me poor if I jog bare feet tomorrow morning

And they’ll even make a price tag comment if I wear sport shoes a little more adorning.

With markets full of new colours and brands taking up my childhood garden space

I ask what obsession is this that makes us out of place?

A new pair of shoes that will be old again tomorrow

A smile that clings to my face today, will tear soon with this new pair into my sorrow.

Growing trends on one side of the path with slums that have no shoes to wear

I don’t know how I keep changing shoes every now and then without any care.

Adapting change too soon has made us not just carefree but stupid too

How does it matter tell me, on a black dress a shoe blue?


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