Little Things!

Sometimes it’s not that difficult to make them smile.

Little Things

I have a huge family and with Gods grace we all are very close.

Maybe staying together is something we chose.

But being with large families is not quite easy.

Togetherness makes us strong but some threads break too, making things uneasy.

Living together for a long time now I’ve learned many valuable things in life

These learnings are so precious that I won’t let them ever go from my life.

One of the most important one’s has always been how to make everyone smile.

How to have happy faces around and yet keep going ahead miles.

There have been times when we fight, when kids cry, when mom and dad aren’t talking.

What should be done then, what keeps us walking?

I think the only way that we all enjoy living is

To do little things and feel the bliss.

Anger doesn’t go with expensive necklaces for mom

She needs a letter from dad to calm her storm.

Gifting a toy car does not make a baby happy

Understand the pain and sorrow of a little mind, listen to what makes them unhappy.

Fights can’t be resolved with chocolate cakes too

Talk to your loved one, that’s the best thing to do.

Every relationship has a strong bond if we understand.

Breaking comfort zones with comfortable people is the only way to stand

Strong with those who are ours

Whether the minutes are of pleasure or painful are the hours.


3 thoughts on “Little Things!

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