One Percent!

How just one percent can change ninety-nine percent of our life.


When I saw myself in the mirror today morning

I didn’t see anything quite adorning.

It wasn’t like I wanted to bloom into a wonderful person suddenly

It was just that there was no change in me that could be noticed accurately.

I wasn’t looking for some beautiful eyes

But I was looking for the beauty in myself through my eyes.

I was looking for a better me, a better person

A silver moonlight within me or through my thoughts a golden sun.

Regretting there I stood with the no rising reflection that stared back at me

Sorrow struck me hard reminding my mind of the person I used to be.

But it wasn’t quite long after which my smile returned

After so many thoughts that I had already churned.

I realised that the day had just started

Why was I already half hearted?

I reflect on my life everyday

Sometimes she has pimples on her face and sometimes she has so many smiles to give away.

I look at her and see what is the change

I look for one percent of improvement everyday that I could arrange.

One percent of change to make me a better individual

One percent that’s distinguishable.

One percent that makes the ninety-nine percent of me outshine

One percent of life that can define.


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