As a digital designer I love the concept of redesign.


Who says life is not tough? Of course it is.

But that’s the real beauty of it, that’s the bliss.

Maybe you’ve had a bad phase

But who ever said you can’t erase?

Don’t we all try again when we fail once, twice, even ten times?

Just because we want to do it sometimes.

So is it that we don’t want to live?

Don’t we have some time to give?

If life is tough so are we.

Then what puts us in that plight, what takes away the “Me”?

When I save my designs I always name them “FINAL”.

And it’s never the final but for that I don’t have any denial.

Because I know I can make mistakes.

Because sometimes the software has it’s own takes.

That doesn’t stop me from creating.

That never keeps me waiting.

Then why do we stick with bad phases of life?

Is life the trouble or are we in the strife?

I think there’s just no reason one should resign

Because there’s always an option to redesign.


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