Is Life Alive?

She wanted the leap from within.


How do things strike from within?

What makes us know there’s something that’s not just inside a deep skin?

Is it as simple as the choices we made when we were children?

Or is it a decision to be made like adults that’s somewhere hidden?

Is it a goal that breaks you apart if you don’t do it

It comes rushing and gushing into your soul, your mind, your body, until you do it.

If you have to stare at your camera and think of what to click you aren’t meant for it

But if the camera is tired with it’sΒ  memory yet you aren’t, that’s when you fit.

If you do it for fame or name

Let me tell you it’s not a game.

They’ll ask you if you’re getting paid

And if you regret you aren’t, you’re not even made.

If just the thought of doing it tests you and makes you frown

Trust me, with it as work, you’ll drown.

If your nerves don’t want to draw

Don’t make your hands draw and make something raw.

Do what you love and love what you do

Wait patiently to find what’s made for you.

Live your love until you die

Or love it with your life until it says bye!


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