Imagine a life less of all the wants we have.


The growing desires to own something from a world of creative goods

Has made us forget those old pretty jungle woods.

Can you even now think what the rapidly changing world is doing to us?

It’s just making us follow a newer trend and leave behind the dusts.

The culture where we’ve come from

Which will no longer be visible in years to come.

A change that is making the world alike

And making us literally forget what we like.

Imagine, a life less of so many expenses

Declutter and no mess time commences.

No need for branded studs to play football

Barefoot running on streetsΒ will make the city clean without headaches if you recall.

No worries would be required to become rich

Smaller homes would be much better with no storage or large attics without a hitch.

No glamour is needed if personality does the work

Desires hide our true selves behind a well created murk.


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