The earth rotated once more, the sun shined bright once more, the breeze flowed through once more, the calendar stayed still once more.


So today we all had an extra day

We had 1440 minutes added to this year today.

Every year, every month gives us a reason

To make our life better; a greater reason.

Another day to live our dream

Another day to celebrate, maybe with favourite ice-cream.

Another day to think of the source to reach the place we’re born for

Another day to play and this time score more?

But what did most of us do today?

We just lived like any another day.

We ran with the time to reach work

We attended meetings that made no sense in fact, made us rework.

We woke up just to do the everyday routine

Another Youtube video to calm down, a break of minutes fifteen.

And that’s it right, nothing so new

It’s just another day why would it be anything new?

That’s the difference in the perception that we keep

Where one likes being static and the other likes to take a new leap.


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