Most of our life problems can be resolved the very moment they reach us.


Our mind is actually a very cool thing

It listens to our commands, let it be anything.

It depends on us what we’re actually telling

Are we excelling or are we rebelling.

Most studies say, a peaceful mind works much better

Yet we worry, keep worrying and getting worried becomes a thought setter.

I tried something for my mind today

While an immense cold and sore throat that kept coming in my way.

I behaved like I did everyday

No attention was given to this bad health for today.

Being sick does not come with a compulsion of feeling sick

It relies on us, lay weak in the bed or move with the clock with every tick.

Yes of course, immunity is low and care is a must

But that doesn’t mean we have to adjust.

We might not have the energy to do everything we like

Might not even be able to follow a routine lifelike.

But we can do much more with a healthy mind

That heals the body faster, so kind.

After this experience, I know what to tell my mind to do.

It’s quite easy actually, not much thinking required too.


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