With the changing modes of conversation we’ve discerned a need to be heard.


With this changing era, where conversation types have made us come nearer

They have made us become a little queerer.

With every little information and source being present in our palms

It has disturbed us to an extinct that we still feel it calms.

With a connection so close that a message does the work

Has concealed us behind a concrete wall of technology, this lurk.

But the ‘being in touch’ feeling makes me cry sometimes

Where touch has changed to a few chats and no new football games in complete lifetimes.

The being on phone attitude around in the family

Makes me think why is the television set even there unnecessarily?

With that few conversations that have kept my friends apparently close

Makes me think where are those high fives and group hugs that we once chose.

It wasn’t an alarming state for me even until today

Where I saw myself lost so much into a reel world that I lost the whole day.

Where mom kept talking to me, while I was in my phone

And I didn’t even listen to what she said, while I just nodded to her words while looking at the phone.

A closer conversation change with the world around has made us more entangled

Where life is here, but we are there still struggling, completely strangled.

From “I am all ears.” to “Listen to me.”

We’ve lost a lot my friend, try understanding me.


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