Start The Journey!

No matter how small the step is, start walking now.

Start The Journey!.jpg

It’s been a long time since we’ve followed a few wrong leaders

With all the traffic in the city I started following the speeders.

One invalid ‘yes’ for a wrong step made many more follow me

Imagine one small but ideal ‘no’ for the right step might set us free.

We might have forgotten to say ‘no’ and do everything we’re asked to

But to say a strong ‘no’ for wrong things might help ourselves too.

Now comes an excuse of rationality

TheseΒ callous few people point a finger at me about their individual mentality.

They ask, “Who sets the right and wrong?

Life is a game just play along.

You’ve got once to live, enjoy it

Why do we change for a generation to yet come, to be fit?”

But, that’s not quite the reality

That just proves us a reckless personality.

We live everyday, every minute and die just once

Offering a helping hand is just a matter of prudence.

It’s common sense that making a better place to live

Not just brings about the change, it gives us a greater life to live.

Yes, I might be the only one to do it right

And I might be the only one, who might keep going with a long fight.

Yet, my step is in the right direction someone will follow

What if my story is small, it’s not that hollow.

No matter how small the step is, no matter how non-great the story can be

It will create a new path and inspire someone to foresee.


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