9 Square Feet!

When you have to convince your mind to do things it hates.

30 square feet

I was pulled out of bed by mom to go shopping today

I know, most of you’ll must be in shock, but shopping really comes in my way.

It’sΒ bizarre to roam the streets to find things to wear

It’s not just hard work, it’s difficult work so unfair.

But working with a person like my mom who hates listening to a “No”

Walking with a frown was no good option above or below.

So now mom was out of my list to convince

The second on my list to convince was me myself ever since.

This girl inside me whose name was Miss Soul

Wouldn’t even plan to go for buying a simple stole.

But then someone had to agree right?

I mean, I didn’t wish for a dangerous fight.

Vaguely, I knew somewhere mom was right

For once I thought of her plight.

Growing three kids to adults with every little care

She must be tired now doing our work and hers too, I swear.

The only way to prepare my mind to shop

Was to think of her perspective from the top.

Any task that I hate to do

I’ve always thought just about myself and ways to escape new.

Imagine, nineteen years from tip to toe

She’s shopped for me whatever so.

Now if she just wishes for me to accompany her

Shouldn’t I put aside the weep and have a smile to offer?

Yes, it’s still irritating to change outfits in an unknown place in so much heat

But it isn’t so bad, for a few minutes be the best model in a 9 square feet.


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