So what is your “worst” scenario?


I wake up everyday to hit the ground and grieve

About an age old ankle injury that I never let retrieve.

I run and exercise and cry aloud because of a little pain

A weakness that could possibly be my only gain.

I’ve seen people whose legs were cut to add metal rods for standing in them

And these legs race mine in a lot less than a few seconds, quite lean like a stem.

I’ve seen hands that were paralysed for more than seven years

Smashing tennis balls to beat national players.

I’ve seen torn ligaments held by tiny screws inside

Play tough roles with the same body, even today from outside.

A fractured brain with around twelve severely cut veins and nerves

Writes stories about better brilliant people, what maybe this brain deserves.

These people might not be famous

These people might not possess much and they don’t even want the buzz.

But they’re sure build of something with a lot more than all of us are

They’ve made their worst into their best at par.

What complaint should I go and make about my tiny injury

To someone who’s got limbs amputated and saw them in a state too grungy?

What am I afraid of, what can be the worst?

I don’t think I even carry a high aim thirst.

Most of us are strong enough to fall and get up and fly

But I don’t know why we are so lazy to just sit with a phone or lie.

We are much more capable than we really feel

Yet, we don’tΒ have the passion, we don’t have that zeal.

What are we waiting for? To make legs break and thenΒ run?

Why don’t we work hard now? Under the sun?

I know what can be a worst scenario for my injured ankle

And I know, how I’ll make it my best even if it bursts with a crackle.


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