Do you fall short of sleep when it comes to your large dreams?


Do you think often about reaching there?

The place that you were made for, just for you to share.

Do you sleep quite occasionally because your eyes want to live a dream?

A dream that has a straight path which is not quite moderate, it’s extreme.

Do you jump higher every time you’re asked to take a leap?

A leap that isn’t about your feet but it’s something that doesn’t let you sleep.

Do you smile when you have to begin again, the same old routine?

A routine that is a never ending practice which makes you burn into ashes to gleam.

I’ve seen people leaving their lives behind to achieve just one goal.

I’ve also seen people leaving their goals behind to make a living while they have their soul.

I couldn’t figure out at once whether I wanted a life or a living

What was it that I wanted in return of all the giving?

What was that one thing that made me dream with open eyes

What was it that made me run to just realise…

That life wasn’t given I’ve borrowed it from someone above

What was I sent for, that many more couldn’t get hold of?

And this realisation made me clearly understand

That I had aspirations that could withstand

The force of a cyclonic disturbance, the duress of a convulsiveย trouble

The strength in me that would make me stand up back from the brim of rubble.

Aspirations and dreams are something quite stellar

I don’t understand why someone leaves the stars behind to reach a cellar.

Imagine thoughts getting stirred to do a marvel storytelling

And we wake up to wash it away just to learn a tough life spelling.

I know I was made for something, sent to achieve a dream

A dream that has a straight path which is not quite moderate, it’s extreme.

I know I have to lead somewhere, a place designed for me

And my clue is in the reverie that comes just for me, so just let me see.


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