Feeling Demeaned!

The shame in the eyes, the abject on the face. Losing dignity is like losing sheer grace.

Feeling Demeaned

He says, she is shameless, doesn’t understand the right place and time.

And for me, I don’t even know if there is any right place or time.

I mean what will the right place be if I’m not present in there

And what will be the right time, if it’s not quite the flair.

I am what I am, no matter what time it is or which place

Then what makes me stick my tongue inside and stand quietly in one place?

What if I can’t wait enough for the right time and lose my breath

And what if just before my life reaches the right place I face death?

Who will decide what’s right then me or the time and place

Who will tell me then whether I lost or won the race?

Why should I wait to do what I want?

To regret later that I should have or I could do but I stopped because of that aunt?

Or blame some time or place later for not letting me be me?

Or to make my kids follow my dreams and make them what I wanted to be?

I’m sorry I don’t really feel demeaned and I’m quite shameless

Because I want to be myself now and later when I’m old, rue less.Β 


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