So, today I was behind the camera to see what I could do with it.


Have you noticed a fleeting moment?

I saw more than a million today, extremely fluent.

The change of expression while doing a long jump

It must’ve really taken a lot of strength to hit the sand with that thump.

The change of sorrow for losing to smile by encouragement

Proved, happiness can heal any ailment.

The one race to the top of the hill with skates

Might have taken courage to play with fates.

A four year old running hundred meters just to reach in the arms of dad

Must have made her dad so glad.

In one experience I lived a trillion lives

Every capture had a new story to tell, from relay race to swimming dives.

I found so many moments I had lost in the hurry to another one

I might have lost every expression leading to mom’s laughter, so undone.

Every little pinch of salt I missed

Not just it, the sweet too I mustn’t have kissed.

It’s such a blessing to live and relive every minute, every second

And I remained there changing my shutter speed to the minutest second.


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