Who’s Responsible?

With the amount of workload on a weekend. Anyone can be responsible for her mood to swing like weather.

Who's Responsible

We can’t take charge of anything that happens with us, to us or around us

But we can always supervise what happens within us.

And that’s really what matters, the changes that happen inside

That inside is one thing on which we’ve always relied.

Strength, confidence, peace, everything comes from within

Then what makes us keep our feelings locked under the skin?

Keeping anger deep skinned will affect only oneself

Keeping sorrow to the bed might put us to sleep but won’t go then itself.

So, why not take charge of things that cause ache inside

Why not bring them out and finish them from our side.

Like a game, killing all the villains to reach the end of any level

And those winning sounds, such a feeling of revel.

So, I guess I am responsible for what affects me and what can’t

Of what can cause something within and what can’t even touch, slopes through the slant.

How I take it, how I show my responsibility towards what happens inside

Do I sit face down or I hang those feelings somewhere away upside.


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