We all are becoming a bunch of poor workaholics, but what are we really working on?


We all keep running, from here to there

We never enjoy the journey, we never care.

Dad wanted some coffee, while I was hurrying to work

I run from work too like a foolish berk.

We all are busy with lives that we’re living

Neither are we concerned about ourselves, nor are we giving.

Much love to loved ones, much care to the ones who gave birth

Not even ourselves, we don’t have the time to taste the salt of the earth.

We’re lost in the virtual world, forgetting our real in the reel

We watch new videos about family and our family we can’t feel.

We’ve lost ourselves in the urge to find a new way

We don’t look away from our free busy schedules today.

Who is busy and who is lost I can’t figure out

But there’s a world apart from our own routines, just look away from your phones without doubt.


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