A small poem for my readers who want to know how I raise a new habit.


The first step to increasing proclivity

Is to develop an interest in the activity.

A photographer will never develop from negatives

Until he doesn’t notice in them any kind of narratives.

Framing a new habit takes time and application

Takes twenty-one days of dedication towards any adaptation.

I make the smallest and largest aims together

Small steps for large mountains may not put you under the weather.

Targets that can be managed and attained with the already set daily lives

Are something that stick with us and don’t hang around like sharp knives.

It’s easy to miss a day of exercise in between

But don’t let depression, frustration or prostracination intervene.

It’s not easy to live a life of building anything from the start

So take even the slightest reward for your heart.

Enjoy the tiniest word of appreciation and honour

Don’t push yourself so much that you reach away into some corner.

Yes, it isn’t easy to look away from that delicious cake

It isn’t easy to flight mode the cell phone and stay awake.

But the point is where we want to reach and what is it giving to us

If it really gives you something worthwhile, don’t give up and don’t miss the bus.


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