We were all very rich and had plenty when we got this life, when we came into this magnificent world.


Most of us act mindless when it comes to handling money

We have it in abundance but, it becomes scarce when we act funny.

Some of us plan well, some of us misuse

Of course, now that’s the beginning of reduce.

Investing money for good returns has seldom been our policy

I thought of investing in one that was not so pricey.

With distress about the past and worries of hereafter

We hardly care about today, and cry over it thereafter.

With increasing standards of living but shrinking lifestyles

We’d only reach on the brim of frustration instead of success miles.

With narrowing families and increasing levels of issues around

Where is the time to run and jog or hit the ground?

With the rigidity in mind to earn that extra bit more

Certainly by the mid twenties all of us would be prone to aches and be sore.

So here’s my investment in the most useful resource this world ever got

My investment in the life that I was given so bright and sought.

Investment that will definitely give me a longer life

And even if it’s without money it won’t be a big strife.

Being in a strengthened state of care where we can manage our health well

Is the best source of saving money and mindfulness to really excel.

When health falls on track wealth will automatically come in the hand

Rather than running for pleasures and being stuck in the place we always stand.

This investment won’t go to waste I promise

But invest with complete faith don’t miss.


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