The dice rolled on and it was me who had to stand up next.


This was just a small party that made my feet tremble

One question made me fall apart and also reassemble.

So it was my turn to show a group of people what I was good at

And suddenly all the things I was proud of fell flat.

Everyone looked at me and I was standing there still

Falling or fainting was the only thing that I thought I’d do, spine had a chill.

One chance to show a group of strangers what I could really do

Made me doubt myself, instead of putting on my dancing shoe.

Neither did I recite a piece of poetry nor did I sketch a portrait

This activity or game from the very start, felt like a fickle finger of fate.

I felt like a few knifes hanging with their edge at my neck

This was a time for a real rather double check.

Doubt caused me failure while I would’ve really had a nice time

But the actual reason wasn’t just doubt it was a bigger crime.

The real reason that I could think of was something really true

I couldn’t do anything that day for which someone would tell me, “I love you.”

I felt dejected, depressed, downcast for everything I did

Maybe because I was already dreary at everything I did.

I had options and choices to chose from I couldn’t decide one

What am I good at please tell me someone?

That thought made an extraordinary someone into an ordinary something

When the light of my face moved away and said I was good at nothing.

The uncommon, notable, exceptional speciality was missing

The pride and respect was already dismissing.

I understood I was good at nothing until I proved myself at one something

The path I choose today would lead me to a remarkable upswing.


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