Ordinary Or Simple!

She liked to be simple with everything she did. But does being simple meant being ordinary?

Ordinary Or Simple

She dressed herself in white or black to keep it simple always

Even though, she loved the cobalt blue sky and the ochre yellow earth doorways.

She wore glasses not to hide eyes but that was her style of contact

A little money, her cell phone, a clean handkerchief was in her bag so compact.

She kept her hair tied to make sure she was neat andΒ dressed smart

To be precise, she never knew any other hair art.

She wore a well fit dress to carry herself without any difficulty

Yet, she presented herself rather skillfully.

She wore a watch to keep a check on where time was leading her

It made her reach in schedule with a vision clear.

She wore shoes that made her feet walk and run rather than sweep the floor

Her feet created a story of courage and much more.

She looked the most simple only to turn heads around

Strength was her beauty, grit her style and her feet stayed on the ground.

Simplicity is sincerity and not ordinary or fixed

Having candour is one thing and being set to rules are two things don’t get mixed.

Being simple does show what you are even in the crowd

Why put your head down? I love being seen as myself, it makes me proud.


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