Unquantifiable, undeterminable, unmeasurable or maybe imperceptible.


How does one really measure love?

It’s just feeling for me, measuring goes up and above.

How can someone measure tenderness or care?

How can someone measure the love we share?

Isn’t knowing each other well. Enough to love eternally?

What makes the other believe that we love them truly?

I don’t think I’ll ever be able to measure or count my love for someone

What units does one consider to count feelings? Number, percentage or second to none?

Yes, my heart is flipping sides.

It loves unconditionally but also doubts the amount of love it provides.

Does one measure love by looking at what he or she has given

Or by all the mistakes that they have forgiven?

Does one measure love by their contribution in a relationship

Or is everyone like me thinking about how to measure this love friendship?

I wish there was a clear method or mean or way to measure love

Most of our problems would be sorted I guess, we would know who could be our belove.

But what now, when we don’t have surveys or determinators

What should be our numerators or our denominators?

I think there’s a crystal clear formula that we can’t see

Just because it’s cut like a crystal we let it be.

I think there’s one way that makes our love blind

But this one way also shows us the path, it’s quite kind.

It asks me to just say the truth

No matter how much it aches in the tooth.

Why would one need to measure how much love, if they said the truth

I and them won’t have to fight tooth for a tooth.

The dark nights may have candle lights again

The trust might return, might go away the pain.

The battles might turn into games

Might disappear all excuses and blames.

Truth plus the affection equals to love like treasure

One equation crystal clear is my measure.


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