With love in the air and beauty all around.


Lying on the bed, waiting to listen to your voice

My face smiles and heart holds a rejoice.

While waiting for your call, I can’t help but think

Of this life with you, with my face turning pink.

Asking for you in my all my wishes and desires

My thoughts just hold you in all aspires.

I dream, envision and wish for a life with you

Wishing a life of waking in your arms and cooking my best recipe for you.

You’ve given a reason, a direction, a meaning to my life

You’re the reason for my smile, you’ve kept me away from all the strife.

My heart today knows what being loved is like

And it never wants to lose this feeling, it doesn’t even want anything alike.

It waits for you and pounces to reach your heart

It has been looking for your heartbeat right from the start.

You say a few words but they linger all night

Your eyes shine to show my reflection in them so bright.

You speak to say, that you love me

You listen to me talking about just me.

You touch to feel me but reach my soul

I don’t know what you keep doing to me without control.

Though I know one thing and it’s sure

That I will never find a person like you, so pure.

You’re the one who’s loved me to the moon and back

And I’ll be the one who’ll stay right here for you, on this track.

Life might take us on different paths and roadways

But I’ll be waiting for the heart that beats for mine in a million ways.

You are a divine part of me, I won’t let go, I know today

Yet, for now, let me end this by saying, Happy Valentines Day!


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