Remembering You!

A short poem of remembrance for a beloved in this season of endearment.

What She Wants!

Today, I just saw you smile

In my dreams for a while.

Your shining eyes and charming face

Something that can never lose grace.

Your caring arms around my shoulder,

Making me feel warm when the weather turned colder.

With making each inch comfortable for me

Something that in real, I would never notice or see.

Your eyes gazing at me wherever I go

Sweetheart, I will not get lost. You know?

Your understanding and protective personality

Makes me want to dance and smile broad with complete intensity.

Your reserved arms when you hug me tight

Make every wish come true and everything seem right.

Or the way you try to make me smile

Every path looks straight and shorter every mile.

I’m sorry if I’m over-possessive about you

But that’s something you’ve done to me I never knew.

I’m sorry if I always want to be around you

And love you the way you always do.


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