Extant Or Extinct?

Because, today morning I again woke up late. Yes, yet again. But this time my mind did not have an excuse to make. Instead, it had a question to ask?

Extant Or Extinct.jpg

“So, are you still existing?” my thoughts rumbled

For a few seconds yes, I fumbled and mumbled.

But soon I had a very broad smile

Even after a morning that I had missed, couldn’t mourn for it this while.

I mean, that’s exactly what I used to do every time I woke up late

Regret of sleeping more, regret of missing the routine again at stake.

In those times my “Everything happens for good.” went for a toss

But today, I was a few hours late yet I woke like a boss.

Today, it didn’t matter what I had missed

Today, what mattered the most was, “Do I still exist?”

Am I still alive to live the rest of the day?

Or am I cribbing for losing a part in every way?

Can I breathe and live better for I have so many moments yet to make today?

Or am I frowning again, rushing with things and just giving way?

No. Today I wanted to be alive to a new day

I wanted to be dead for the sorrow in every way.

I wanted to dance, jump around and smile

I still wanted to jog, so what if I missed it in the morning, I’d make time for it some while.

I guess this was a change and it definitely was a great one

With frowns I would just worry about what I lost but with a smile I found things I had lost and I was done.

With my smile I made people around me happy

Imagine just by living in the present I shooed everything unhappy.

I learned how to mark my existance today

We’re all as it is going to be extinct one day.


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