Most people I find around me are literally complaining about their work. Some hate going to office, some hate their colleague, some crib about their boss and some do all of this.


I’ve always believed in doing what I love and loving what I do

That’s the only way I decide and take a step or two.

But most of the times I’ve seen people running from work than running towards it

I’ve seen people in places where they really don’t fit.

I ask them why is it that they are still stuck when they aren’t happy

Some say it’s the money, some say it’s the firm name that for now just gets them snappy.

Well now, here’s a big cue to most of our life situations

We look for materials in life for growth in our aspirations.

Β I really don’t get it, it’s too confusing for me.

Being stuck somewhere for a few years to later on become what I want to be.

I mean if I want to grow up andΒ teach how to dance to people

Why would I be working as a typist for some rich people?

Isn’t it funny? I mean run for it but on a bigger route

To be in some of the top names, do a job now that’s just disrepute.

Instead why don’t you practice what you like and be calm all that time?

Okay, I know it’s unreasonable and unpractical to live without basic amenities in this tough time.

But if you work now towards what you really love doing

The cars and the salary packages would be small but you’d be happy as a being.

You wouldn’t go bitching about your boss and make another bad image for yourself

You would be oneself, feel like oneself and be the oneself.

Who knows when, where and how this life ends?

Who knows what this time is doing to us, for me I can just see dead ends.

We’re all living a small life and it’s just ours

Then who cares about what we do in our time, in our hours.

And when we do what we love and love what we do,

Work doesn’t even seem like work all through.

It doesn’t matter what the world says,

You have to work this life not the world, all the days.

I follow my passion I don’t know about you

Though one thing’s sure you have a choice now, black or blue?


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