I lie on bed every night, thinking about how to rise and not just wake every morning.


I sleep every night with the hope of growth the next day.

I run the roads of the city for one day my legs might find way.

I stretch my arms to get the right posture once

Even though I fail miserably everyday in abundance.

I make a stroke a million times, it never falls on the right place

I see my sketch looking at me. It says, “You’ve lost grace!”

I write under the tree, I write under the sky

I carry my words to earths’ every corner. Yet they don’t improve. Why?

I read a book for my mind to calm. Yet it carries chaos and noise

I cover my face and shed tears, because I can’t attain that very poise.

It hurts, I worry, I’m anxious about my future

My wounds bleed everyday, even after being held by a large row of suture.

I don’t know if past was better or what will future be like

I just know one thing, that I hit the ground everyday just to fall and strike.

Am I not doing enough or am I too slow?

Where is that success hidden, that light for me, that glow?

Well, I know what’s really missing, I know where I fall

I fall when there’s no hope in my heart. I fall because my vision is small.

I fail because I always believe I won’t progress

I die every inch each day because I can’t live is what I assess.

Life gives a chance to those who want a chance, not to those who just pray

No matter how strong my worship is, until I want it with all my heart, life will just betray.

She tests me on every step with every bit.

But I’ll still run my mountain, reach the top and show it.

For one day life would have to look up to see me with her eyes

Because that day, I would be at the summit, not to fall again but just rise.


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