I missed that one ‘back’ straight, two ‘hand’ moments and a lot many ‘speech’ dialogues on stage. Just because my oration was not learnt but saved.


With today’s fast growing growth and advancement of technology

We are forgetting a lot of economics, geography and biology.

The remembering has changed to Google it

The learning has changed to save it.

The revising has changed to reboot it

The smartness of my brain has changed to smartphone, that in my hand stays fit.

Physical strength does not come today because of working hard

Today we all choose our sport to play in order to stay fit or we just disregard.

I feel, years ago, before education came into existence we were more smarter

Today even when we’re learning so much, we’re acting dumber.

Yes, knowledge has been spreading wide into various fields

But today we don’t see or travelย routes, because of the GPS shields.

That power of innovation has changed to YouTube tutorials

The reading again and again, is only found to be done by editorials.

Work done by brave hands has changed to copy and paste

Even after all of this, with so much time in hands, we run in haste.

The kids aren’t shy today, they’ve just become quiet

Techie materials in hand and no playgrounds around have made them inaccurate.

No. Not at all, It isn’t their mistake nor is it ours

The fault is of changes that are putting us behind bars.

Of course not imprisonment. But the brain sure goes for a toss.

But leaving this technology that makes everything so easier, who would like to go across?

I think, I myself am not that brave, to leave my cell phone and even go for a jog

But I think, we can all move ahead with it, but also the traditions that we’re leaving for an attractive cog.

We are leaving a lot of energy behind just to attain some amount of laziness

We’re leaving our good habits behind. Isn’t that some sort of craziness?

I mean we all can see it, yet we’ve tied our hands and shut ourย words

Can’t we take knowledge, effort and technology together to better worlds?


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