Have you ever seen yourself sleeping?


My sister always told me I danced on the bed while sleeping

While I always thought I stayed in one position while sleeping.

This made me realize that sleep was the only time I had no control

Neither my thoughts, nor my body, nothing stuck with me, not even my soul.

They all lived without constraints without any instruction about how to

My lungs knew how to breath, my body knew how to dance, every part knew how to live and they grew.

Today, when I looked around in my room everything had a fixed place to be

I also got irritated when my things weren’t in the place, they were supposed to be.

But today, when I saw myself losing the control I felt a little better

Yes, things look great in their place still, but sometimes a change is always better.

My breath could never come in my control then why did I ever force me to?

Sit like this, eat like that, why did I ever follow what people asked me too.

I mean, in one way, we want variety, diversity and all sorts of differences

While the other side of the world says, behave like the else is.

Today I know what I want to be and also how

SoΒ yeah those control freak books are definitely into to the trash now.


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