For the very nature of any beautiful rhythm is consistency and originality.


What made dad go to work on time and work efficiently each day?

What made mom wake up early and handle her chores even before we knew, each day?

Today when I look around, not too far but just at home

I see my parents serving tirelessly for years with cheer, while I just roam.

If and go ask my dad today, what makes you work without a break

He might say, his work is like worship, it’s that clear and opaque.

While, If I ask mom, what makes her wake up exactly on time without any alarm

She would tell me, if she slept too much, there would be ache in her arm.

What makes these self-made people transform to great heights?

Where do they get never ending inspiration from, to work as knights?

The key is, their field of vision

The only faithfulness towards work for them is precision.

Dad always said, “Don’t think about the money you have in hand

Just think how to move ahead from where you stand.”

Mom always said, “Don’t own worry or fear for your goal

Just make it part of your soul.”

Being inspired by a dream or aim today

Will make strength, money, people just fall in our way.

It might not be easy, but who says it’s that difficult

When so many people around us have the result.

I understood today, that if there is sight and it’s upright

The Universe conspires to make it mine outright.


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