For someone asked me, “How do you see beauty? How do you know if something is beautiful?”


Plato said, “Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder.”

But I say the world is blind today and much colder.

Where I see the face of truth, I smile

But there are all lies around, I walk mile over mile.

Where I see innocence I pray, because it’s a face of God

But when I see wicked smiles today, I see something odd.

Where I see pure love I bow down

But there’s demand in love too and I hang my face down.

Where I see serene divinity, tears fall from within me

Because there’s still thanksgiving and not just fear prayers to be.

Where I see givers I offer a helping hand

But today I feel we’re greedy to just take and alone here I stand.

Yes, beauty is all around but we fail to see

The stars are present in the nights sky for beautiful it to be.

Look around in silence and peace, you’ll sure find something curing

This world was given to us and at that time it was much more alluring.


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